Latest Hacks

In today’s cyber security environment nobody is too small to be a victim. The news are full of cybercrimes committed against large corporates with the small and personal businesses attacks going unnoticed, except by the victims. Your small business may not have the resilience to survive an attack like some large corporate does. In one attack your whole business can be crippled or even destroyed.

We all have anti-virus, intrusion detection and other software in place to protect us. Our difference is that we use the same or similar techniques to find your vulnerabilities from the outside like an attacker would do. We provide a vulnerability management service that removes the pressure from your IT staff or yourself to do these scans on a regular basis and against the latest known vulnerabilities.

Finding vulnerabilities is the fist step, the second step is to mitigate your risk by taking appropriate action. Our report will be addressed to your board or Risk and Compliance committee and will indicate the overall risk you are exposed to. The detail report, indicating severity of a vulnerability, recommend actions you can take to mitigate the risk, is used by IT or IT support services. We are software and hardware agnostic allowing us to be independent. We will work with your current IT staff or IT service provider to resolve the vulnerabilities identified.

As there are new vulnerabilities identified literally every day the process of vulnerability management comes in. A scan is only a measurement at a point in time, management means regular scanning and keeping track if the position improves, stay the same or deteriorates. Unfortunately, you are in the hands of global companies that supply the operating systems, application software and hardware you use in your business. Your defence is to keep aware and ahead of the attackers with our services.

If you are a bigger organisation vulnerability management should be integrated into your cyber security policy. Making use of an outside organisation allows you an arm’s length view of your risks untainted by internal agendas.